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Title Category Date Opened Project Type
Backend programmer [C or C++]DeveloperTue Sep 27 15:18:27 2016M <MetaHTML>Official GNU software
texi2dvi test suiteDeveloperSun Sep 11 12:12:51 2016texinfo - GNU documentation systemOfficial GNU software
Elisp developerDeveloperSat Jul 11 09:31:29 2015Drupal Modenon-GNU software and documentation
Elisp developerDeveloperSat May 9 09:22:30 2015Extensions to Php Modenon-GNU software and documentation
Data Visualization DeveloperDeveloperFri Feb 27 14:11:50 2015GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
ANSI C DeveloperDeveloperWed Jan 7 19:41:49 2015GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
M2 and C ProgrammerDeveloperFri Dec 5 17:49:56 2014Modula-2 Compiler and Translatornon-GNU software and documentation
Ruby on Rails developerDeveloperTue May 27 12:47:59 2014gravatynon-GNU software and documentation
IP network code, hashingDeveloperTue Sep 3 04:32:33 2013vrtaternon-GNU software and documentation
Axe de rotation de l'éolienneDeveloperTue Jan 29 16:15:51 2013VOOSILLAnon-GNU software and documentation
Web Service Administrator & DeveloperDeveloperSun Jan 20 22:52:09 2013GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
MySQL DeveloperDeveloperSun Jan 20 22:32:04 2013GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
PHP DeveloperDeveloperSun Jan 20 22:29:46 2013GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
We need a C DevelopersDeveloperThu Dec 20 18:51:38 2012EtherDogs non-GNU software and documentation
C developers neededDeveloperSat Dec 1 14:55:02 2012CSnippetsnon-GNU software and documentation
Incorporate GPL'd compression into projectDeveloperThu Nov 17 15:20:32 2011Objectifynon-GNU software and documentation
Lisp hacker needed to work in C.DeveloperTue Oct 11 22:11:09 2011Text Extractor TXRnon-GNU software and documentation
Human Rights Game DeveloperTue Jun 14 13:39:24 2011Human Rights Gamenon-GNU software and documentation
Developer for GNU HurdDeveloperWed Apr 20 09:11:33 2011The GNU HurdOfficial GNU software
MediaWiki to Texinfo conversionDeveloperThu Feb 10 17:34:29 2011texinfo - GNU documentation systemOfficial GNU software
Contributing developers wantedDeveloperThu Aug 26 20:49:26 2010GUIShellnon-GNU software and documentation
2DeveloperFri Aug 13 21:32:57 2010testytennon-GNU software and documentation
Php developperDeveloperSat Aug 7 09:11:40 2010PhpComptanon-GNU software and documentation
Help integrate GNU shred into ObjectifyDeveloperThu Apr 8 13:52:37 2010Objectifynon-GNU software and documentation
enhancements wanted for findutilsDeveloperFri Jan 8 14:03:37 2010GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
Output format developerDeveloperTue Jan 5 22:02:14 2010QWEnon-GNU software and documentation
Emacs Lisp developers wantedDeveloperTue Jan 5 21:48:55 2010QWEnon-GNU software and documentation
Tester for phpsdl-ng / win32 (mingw) developer.DeveloperSun Mar 8 17:19:55 2009PHP Binding for SDLnon-GNU software and documentation
Information supplier on gnu cap module interfaceDeveloperSun Feb 1 22:25:50 2009three_port_thevenin_bipolar_transistornon-GNU software and documentation
DDD debugger needs developersDeveloperSun Nov 9 13:30:12 2008DDDOfficial GNU software
To start implementing the web serverDeveloperSat Oct 4 17:50:34 2008Free Python Web Toolkitnon-GNU software and documentation
Wget needs C developersDeveloperThu Apr 10 21:09:53 2008GNU WgetOfficial GNU software
Python developer neededDeveloperSat Apr 28 08:42:46 2007Advanced Ping programnon-GNU software and documentation
Floating point library maintainer wantedDeveloperTue Aug 29 17:33:01 2006AVR C Runtime Librarynon-GNU software and documentation
Need dev for piDeveloperSat Apr 22 17:59:55 2006pi-calculatornon-GNU software and documentation
High Priority ProjectsDeveloperFri Mar 31 16:41:05 2006GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
XSLT developer neededDeveloperFri Dec 17 11:57:43 2004texi2latex -- convert Texinfo to LaTeXnon-GNU software and documentation
maintainer for free beltaneDeveloperThu Nov 11 19:34:25 2004Free Beltane 1non-GNU software and documentation
WebmasterDeveloperSun Sep 5 19:32:10 2004www.gnu.orgOfficial GNU software
LISP hackers and log analysts needed!DeveloperTue Aug 24 14:35:01 2004LoGS Log Analysis softwarenon-GNU software and documentation
mach hackerDeveloperMon Aug 25 11:11:12 2003Hurd on Mach on PowerPCnon-GNU software and documentation
Scientific programs neededDeveloperWed Jun 25 13:59:26 2003GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
Scheme translations wantedDeveloperFri Mar 28 03:41:10 2003GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
Dance notation program wantedDeveloperFri Mar 28 03:35:23 2003GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
GNU make improvements wantedDeveloperWed Mar 19 03:13:55 2003GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
Shared memory Mach/X11 server wantedDeveloperSun Mar 16 23:47:51 2003GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
test that it compiles and runs under MacOsXDeveloperTue Mar 11 23:24:29 2003Ensemblistnon-GNU software and documentation
python/postgres developers wantedDeveloperSat Oct 26 04:58:02 2002gnumedOfficial GNU software
HTML/XML/CSS display engine guruDeveloperMon Apr 16 17:15:51 2001w3Official GNU software

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